Welcome to Tamm Ave, we aren’t your average neighborhood bar! Located in Dogtown just across from the St. Louis Zoo. We have a little bit of everything that you are looking for. Our partially covered patio, (think four seasons room with removable walls,) features a full bar, TV’s, game room and did we mention we have a fire pit shaped like the death star. Our patio is dog friendly, we don’t serve anything in glass, have dog bowls available and only ask that you keep your best bud on a leash while hanging out. Inside and outside you will find a large selection of canned beers, mostly local on draft and a full bar. To see what we have in house right now click on the menu tab!

Hungry? Nomad, our food partner, has you covered! Their pastrami is their standout item, but don’t skip trying their kimchi brussel sprouts and burgers, (one of which has a double-pork patty called the Dumpster Fire.) If you aren’t a meat eater, don’t shy away, their menu has vegetarian options too. Nomad is located inside of Tamm. To order you can either walk up to their counter, order online or call.

What makes us special is the atmosphere we have created. We have an incredible staff of individuals who offer more than beer knowledge and a good cocktail. If what you are looking for is a place to have a beer, a sandwich, catch up with friends, or a place to watch the game… it’s here. Out walking the dog, or coming from the zoo with the kids and need an adult beverage? Our patio is your oasis. Equipped with heaters and fans for whatever temperature Missouri decides to be that day. Want to do something more than just go to a bar? Check out our trivia nights, meat bingo, pop-up markets, live music, fundraisers and beer releases. We like to get creative with it and have hosted free dog grooming, puppies & patios dog adoption, video game tournaments, pop-a-shot / skee ball bar olympics, bar curling, speed dating, local draft beer trucks, the bubble bus, just to name a few. Or if you are just looking for your version of Cheers, we will always be glad you came. So come by, grab a beer, some food, and introduce yourself. We are your anything but average neighborhood place.